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Welcome to the future of wireless development!

The AXIe Modular Products set a new standard in performance and function.

Cobham AvComm is pleased to announce its new modular line of products based upon the latest AXIe standard.  The new Cobham AXIe chassis is the world’s first to support both the Wide PCI Express Extensions for AXIe and PCIe Gen3 backplane data rates, making it the test and measurement industry’s highest-throughput modular chassis. 

In addition to the AXIe chassis, other AXIe instrument modules are available—the mA-3011 Embedded Host Processor and the mA-6806 Vector Signal Transceiver.

Cobham AvComm and NordiaSoft, the world leader in Software Communications Architecture (SCA) tools, have announced a market first for the SCA community – a fully-integrated SCA platform that supports the entire SCA lifecycle, from simulation through development, then into production and field test.

Combining Cobham’s Modular AXIe hardware and NordiaSoft’s SCARI Software Suite gives SCA developers a turnkey development system for implementing SCA Version 2.2.2 designs today and Version 4.1 later this year. The AXIe chassis and modules provide unparalleled value with ultra-high performance while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The COTS modular AXIe system allows various plug and play configurations of transceivers, CPUs, GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

The SCA Platform is a custom configuration targeting radio OEMs, government and military users, including EW, SIGINT, SDR and other embedded users.


Cobham AvComm - Building a Platform to Launch the Future


Read "Building a Platform to Launch the Future" Interview

with Ryan Panos, VP and GM, Cobham AvComm in

Modern Test & Measure Magazine.

Assemble your own system. Plug-in RF modules and COTS-based CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs. Selection of JTNC SCA devices (Ethernet, GPS, audio, etc.). Use across your entire organization. Develop for tactical radio, radar, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence domains.
Accelerate time to market with seamlessly integrated hardware and software. Leverage pre-loaded NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite. Reduce cost. Support full life cycle development. Simulate, design, emulate, and test on one integrated system.
Protect your investment. Benefit from a true component-based architecture for hardware and software. Future-proof your products. Leverage open, standards-based COTS software and hardware.

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Modular AXIe Data Sheets

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Advanced High-Performance AXIe Chassis New!

Issue 1

Storage for CMP New!

Issue 1

AXIe High Performance Vector Signal Transceiver New!

Issue 1

AXIe Embedded Host New!

Issue 1


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