Orlando, Florida— Cobham AvComm, has announced today its new ADS-B INTEGRITY™ Test Application. The new app controls Cobham’s IFR6000 or IFR6015 Transponder Test Sets and GPSG-1000 Positional Simulator to support Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and post approval testing for ADS-B equipment installations per FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-165B. For R&D and factory test, the app will control Cobham’s IFF-45TS/A MK XII/A Bench Test Set and the GPSG-1000 for ADS-B Out performance. A complete, detailed ADS-B Out compliance report in FAA format, including a measurement for total latency, can be generated showing Pass/Fail criteria.

The following is taken from the FAA.gov website:

Any airspace that requires the use of a Transponder today will on January 01, 2020 also require aircraft to be equipped with a Version 2 ADS-B Out system. This can be either a 1090ES (DO-260B) ADS-B system or a UAT (DO-282B) ADS-B system.

For aircraft operating above FL180 (18,000 ft.) or to comply with ADS-B mandates outside the United States, you must be equipped with a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter. For aircraft operating below 18,000 ft. and within the United States ADS-B rule airspace, you must be equipped with either a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter or with UAT equipment.

“We’re very excited to introduce to the industry an application that will allow a complete test of AC 20-165B prior to flying the aircraft,” said Guy Hill, Director of Avionics Test Products for Cobham AvComm. “Equipment installations can be completed more quickly and with fewer issues to help save time and money.”

Price and Availability
The new ADS-B INTEGRITY™ app is now available and can be ordered as an option to the IFR6000, IFR6015, GPSG-1000 and the IFF-45TS/A. Each of the options includes the necessary cables and accessories for the instrument. Fielded units can be upgraded. For more information about pricing, send a request for quote to AvComm.Sales@cobham.com or to a distributor in your area. Visit the website www.cobham.com/avcomm for a list of distributors.

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