Cobham AvComm Test Update - Issue Q3 2016

Issue Q3 2016
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FAA Offers Incentive for New ADS-B Equipment
The Federal Aviation Administration announced a $500 rebate incentive for the aviation industry. In the fall of 2016, general aviation aircraft owners can receive the rebate if they upgrade to the required ADS-B Out avionics technology. Aircraft eligible for the rebate is defined as U.S. registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft.  
The deadline draws closer to the FAA's mandate beginning on January 1, 2020.  The mandate states that all aircraft flying in certain controlled airspace must upgrade to ADS-B avionics. The agency hopes that the incentive will encourage aircraft owners to upgrade sooner rather than later.
The FAA not only wants the aviation industry to take advantage of all the safety benefits of ADS-B, but there is concern that owners could wait until the last minute to upgrade. This could cause a bottleneck and overwhelm installers and suppliers.
With this imminent change, it is critical for avionics installers to find a fast, efficient and error free method for testing ADS-B equipment pairing installations prior to flying the aircraft.  Per FAA statistics, one out of five aircraft ADS-B installations are non-compliant.
To prevent a non-compliant letter being issued to your customer, a convenient test solution is now available with Cobham AvComm's new ADS-B Installation Compliance Application. This app, controlling our IFR-6000 series Flight Line Test Sets and GPSG-1000 GPS Portable Simulator for positional data, will test the aircraft, identify installation errors via pass/fail criteria and collect all required data for detailed compliance reporting in just minutes. This will allow for a faster throughput of installation approvals to keep the line moving and keep your customers happy.
3920B and 8800SX Update from Motorola 
The 3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set is the recommended service monitor for the Motorola SL7550e radio.

The SL7550e radio service manual points out that the 3920B is the only service monitor that should be used to test and align the new Motorola SL7550e Radio.

Motorola also supports the  8800SX Digital Radio Test Set  with two new Application Notes.

The 8800SX combines the performance and features of a bench-level test set with the portability and ruggedness of a field-level instrument. One of the many features included on the 8800SX is the Auto-Test capability for MOTOTRBO™ Portables and Mobiles.
Click the appropriate Application Note, written by Motorola, to learn more.
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ALT-8000 Approved for New Applications 8015
Cobham AvComm's ALT-8000 Radio Altimeter Flight Line Test Set has recently been tested and approved for two new applications.
The ALT-8000 has successfully tested the Garmin GRA-55 and GRA-5500 Radio Altimeters to support helicopter, air transport, business jet and general aviation aircraft. Cessna Latitude, HondaJet and Embraer aircraft are some of the most recent platforms fitted with the new Garmin radio altimeters.
Cobham AvComm is also excited to announce that the ALT-8000 has been approved for use and is listed in the ATR-72 Maintenance Manual for radio altimeter testing.
For more information about the ALT-8000, visit our website.
Software Update: Option 604 for the 3920B 
An update to the 3920B Option 604 APX™/APX 8000 software (Version 4.3.3) is posted on the 3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set website under the Software Tab. This is an important update for 3920B owners that use this feature. This update contains a modification to the PA Bias Alignment on APX models 2500 and 4500.
Customers that are using this application are urged to update to this new version as soon as possible. Until the software is updated to Version 4.3.3, owners should not run the PA Bias alignment on APX models 2500 and 4500.
Software Release: Version 3.7.2 for the
Cobham AvComm announced software release version 3.7.2 for the 3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set . Version 3.7.2 has major changes and improvements across all technology platforms  within the 3920 Series Radio Test Set. It is strongly recommended that all units be  upgraded to this new version. The 3920 Series requires Version 3.6.0 or above to support  updates to automated test scripts. Version 3.7.2 is compatible with all 3920 and 3920B models  of the 3920 Series product line.
New Features:
  • Added support for the KVL 4000 keyloader in Option 209
  • Added Option 644 to support APX™ 8000 Series Auto-Test and Alignment. This option requires Option 604
  • Added Option 636 - KNG-S Series Auto-Test and Alignment Version 4.0.4
Auto-Test Script Updates:
  • Option 604 - APX Auto-Test and Alignment Version 4.2
    • Added ESN from the radio to the test report
    • Resolved an issue for older 3900 Series products that did not have a DMM installed
    • Added support for Option 644 APX 8000
  • Option 604 - BK DPHX5102X Series Auto-Test and Alignment Version 4.0.1
    • Modified the power alignment adjustments to step in smaller increments
  • Option 610 - MOTOTRBO™ Auto-Test and Alignment Version 4.2.0
    • Added detection for H56QD and H56JD CSA radios
    • Added modifications to support Motorola firmware version R02.50.04
    • Added support for the UHF ATEX (H56QC) radios
    • Added support for the VHF ATEX and CQST radios (H56JC)
This software upgrade can be performed in the field.
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GPSG- 1000 Application Note
Learn more about
creating and playing back KML files with the GPSG-1000.
Download the Application Note.
White Paper
This white paper is aculmination of over six months of research and testing. It is the most comprehensive analysis written on how alignments of LMR digital radio transmitters impact the performance of digital radio receivers. 
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