Cobham AvComm Test Update - Issue Q3 2015


Issue Q3 2015
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Aeroflex Test Solutions now part of Cobham plc

Cobham plc ("Cobham") successfully completed its acquisition of Aeroflex Holding Corp. ("Aeroflex"), in September of 2014.  As a result of the acquisition, the radio communications and avionics test equipment business located in Wichita, Kansas has been integrated into the Cobham Communications and Connectivity Sector, and we are now known as Cobham AvComm.  We have retained our sales teams and service centers around the world and remain ready to work with our existing and new customers to help with your testing needs.


With this change, we are happy to introduce to you this new quarterly newsletter. We hope that you find this to be informative and full of news to keep you up-to-date with what's happening at Cobham AvComm.


Cobham AvComm Adds Nextec Global, Inc. to our Distribution Channel  
Cobham AvComm is pleased to announce that Nextec Global, Inc. has joined Cobham AvComm as our Global Channel Partner for sales and support for radio test products.


Over the years, Nextec has built and established a strong reputation for service and support of test equipment for the LMR industry. As part of their business strategy, Nextec has developed a large customer base, with particular emphasis on supporting legacy Motorola and General

Dynamics' Service Monitors and Radio Test Sets.


As a strong Global Channel Partner of Cobham AvComm products in the United States and Latin America, Nextec will now be able to provide their customers with high quality and technically advanced Cobham AvComm Radio Test Sets, including the 3290B, the 8800S, and the 3550R.


To further enhance their position within the legacy LMR test equipment market, Nextec will also be expanding their service and calibration capabilities to include legacy IFR and Aeroflex equipment. In addition to their already well known and respected customer support, Nextec will establish a trade-in program to help their customers upgrade to the latest analog and digital radio test technology from Cobham AvComm.


View news release


Cobham AvComm NextGen TCAS and Transponder Test Sets for Global Air Traffic Management Upgrades
The world is moving towards a modernization of the Air Traffic Management Systems led by the FAA's NextGen Project and SESAR in Europe. Start planning for future requirements with Cobham NextGen-ready test equipment.


 To learn more about how the world is moving away from today's ground-based surveillance system towards a satellite-based surveillance system, as well as more details about ADS-B, UAT, Hybrid Surveillance and the corresponding RTCA Standards, click here.


Other links you may find useful:


Boeing presentation on ATC modernization 


FAA NextGen


Cobham AvComm Selects Integrated Procurement Technologies (IPT) as a Global Channel Partner


Cobham AvComm, formerly a division of Aeroflex and manufacturer of advanced test solutions for military and commercial aviation, along with military and commercial radio test solutions, is proud to announce the selection of Integrated Procurement Technologies (IPT) as a Global Stocking Distributor Partner. This new stocking agreement allows IPT to stock and sell pre-determined items globally.


Cobham AvComm selected IPT due to their reputation in providing quality sales, service, and support service worldwide. IPT provides a one-stop solution that includes sales, ITAR compliance, and customer support to the military and commercial international market space. This capability has been available to IPT's international customers for many years, across multiple markets, while also providing multi-lingual support.


"We are excited to be able to offer the Cobham AvComm Avionics and Radio Test Set systems to IPT's existing customers. Their legacy of reliable service and support now can be provided to new Cobham AvComm customers worldwide," said Bill Martin, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Customer Support for Cobham AvComm.


IPT OEM Business Manager Rich Cain stated, "This agreement marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Cobham Avcomm and IPT. We appreciate that Cobham Avcomm continues to recognize the unique value proposition that IPT offers. We look forward to expanding our longstanding business relationship."


As part of their strategic commitment to Cobham AvComm, IPT has made the commitment to become a Stocking Distributor of Cobham AvComm products. With IPT stocking Cobham AvComm Avionics and LMR Radio Test Sets, IPT can provide immediate shipment of units from their in-house inventory directly to international customers.


View news release


Cobham AvComm Introduces the ATC-5000NG NextGen ATC/DME Test Set


Cobham AvComm has announced the introduction of the new ATC-5000NG ATC/DME Test Set as the NextGen replacement for the ATC-1400A, S-1403DL/MLD and SDX2000 legacy products. The ATC-5000NG was designed to meet the testing requirements of next generation transponders designed for the new Air Traffic Management Systems. The software defined radio architecture supports more transponder RTCA DO-181E test capability than the legacy products did and has new capability needed to support the FAA's NextGen test requirements including ADS-B (RTCA DO-260B) and UAT (RTCA DO-282).


Product News

8800 Software Version 1.3.0 Release -

New Features and Capabilities


Cobham AvComm announced the release of Software Version 1.3.0 for the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set. Included in this release of firmware are several exciting new features and improvements to the operation of the 8800 Series. New features in this release include the additional audio filtering for the Audio Input port and improved SINAD meter operation. The RF Generator has been improved to remove the settling time when enabling the RF Generator at levels below -110 dBm. In addition to the improved settling, the output accuracy has been improved at levels below -110 dbm. This version also includes features to decode the User1 and User2 defined codes and the ability to use a function generator simultaneously with Two Tone Sequential tones and the Modulator. Generator level units can now beset in dBuV. Auto- Test for Motorola APX™ and MOTOTRBO™ Radios have been updated and now have more features available.


There are MANY other improvements to the operation of the 8800 Series with this new release. For all other improvements, see the Release Notes located at 

GPSG-1000 Software Version 3.1.0 Release - New Features and Improvements GPSG1000


Cobham AvComm has announced the release of new software version 3.1.0 for the GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator.  This software update is compatible with all GPSG-1000 models. A new feature introduced in this version allows the user to transfer positional information from Google Earth to the GPSG-1000 for trajectory simulations. To find out more about this and other enhancements with this release, see the Service Information Letter located at the GPSG-1000 web page on the Software tab.


The GSPG-1000 is ideal for dynamic motion testing of any GPS enabled device, from aerospace to Positive Train Control (PTC) applications.  


 ALT-8015 National Stock Number (NSN) Assigned 8015  

Cobham AvComm is pleased to announce the assignment of NSN 6625-01-644-1512 to the ALT-8015 FMCW/Military Pulse Radio Altimeter Flightline Test Set. A National Stock Number is the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system.


The ALT-8015 allows for over-the-air testing via an antenna coupler for complete RADALT system RF loop tests, or direct-connect to the UUT transmit/receive port for further troubleshooting capability. 


Show Guide

APCO International 2015

August 17-18, 2015

Washington, DC

Booth #1724


AEA Latin America

August 19-20, 2015

Bogota, Columbia

European Microwave Week  

Sept 6-11, 2015

Paris, France

Stand #A190  


AEA Central Regional

Sept. 10-11, 2015

Kansas City, MO



Sept 13-17, 2015

Ogden, UT



Sept. 15-18, 2015

ExCel, London


AEA West Regional

Sept. 21-22, 2015

Reno, NV


DH Marketing Technology Expo 2015

September 28-29, 2015

Irving, TX


AEA Canada Regional

Oct. 1-2, 2015

Toronto, Canada


CCExpo 2015

October 6-7, 2015

Berlin, Germany

Stand Number: A20


Enterprise Wireless 2015

October 7-9, 2015

Atlanta, GA

Booth #303


AEA East Regional

Oct. 12-13, 2015

Tampa, FL


Avionics for NextGen

Oct. 14-15, 2015

Washington Dulles, D.C.


C-130 TCG  WWR

Oct 27-30, 2015

Charleston, SC


Nov. 2-5, 2015

Orlando, FL



Nov. 16-19, 2015

Las Vegas, NV


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3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio Test Platform
RGS-2000NG TCAS Test Set
ATC-5000NG NextGen ATC/DME Test Set
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Cobham AvComm's ALT-8000 is the world's first and only RF-based portable radio altimeter flightline test set. It weighs approximately 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) with a large 12-inch color touch-screen, making it easy to use.



GPSG-1000 Spanish Data Sheet




Cobham AvComm's configurable GPSG-1000 is a truly portable, easy-to-use GPS and Galileo positional simulator. It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 6 or 12 channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations. 

Download data sheet



Exporting, Editing and Importing Waypoints on the GPSG-1000      

The purpose of this document is to describe a method of adding custom waypoints to the GPSG-1000 without using the graphical users interface and touchscreen to enter waypoint data.

Radio Test Set
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Issue 14 - The Cobham 8800/8800S Digital Radio Test Set 



This issue will show how to use the 8800S with the Precision DTF/VSWR Accessory Kit.


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Issue 15 - The Cobham 8800/8800S Digital Radio

Test Set


This issue will show how to use the 8800S Digital Preset and Stored Setups to perform basic radio tests.


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