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Aeroflex 7100 Digital Radio Test Set Adds Support for LTE-A Carrier Aggregation


Combining two carriers with 2x2 MIMO enables CAT 6 data rate of 300 Mbps... Read More


Aeroflex Announces Industry's First TDD-FDD Handover Using an LTE Capacity Test System


The Aeroflex E500 LTE Capacity Test System is the industry's first capacity tester to successfully handover data services between TDD and FDD networks. Network operators around the world are already commissioning dual-standard networks as...Read More 



Aeroflex talks to RCR Wireless at MWC2013

2013 MWC Aeroflex E500 FDD TDD UE device handover announcement

Nick Carter provides a closer view of the E500 Capacity Test System which previously supported TDD and FDD has been enhanced to analyze TDD to FDD handover. The E500 simulates 1000's of UE handover between base stations.

Typically, the E500 is used for vendor (device) comparison or device validation of network performance. Test cycle times can run 2-3 weeks where test run 24x7.


Product News


7100 Digital Radio Test Set


Support for Transmission Modes 7 and 8  

The 7100 can now simulate both Single-Layer and Dual-Layer Beamforming signals, TM7 and 8 respectively. Beamforming improves transmission to specific areas within a cell, for instance, improving communication at the cell edge.  Beamforming works by varying the relative magnitude and phase of the signal at each antenna port, resulting in the signal being 'steered' in a particular direction. Beamforming is predominantly used in TDD networks, where the uplink and downlink channel conditions are the same due to the same frequency being used. For the 7100, Beamforming is a software option, 7100-110 available for purchase now, and can be installed on existing units in the field by the customer. This option includes the ability to simulate handover under beamforming conditions and provides comprehensive logging information to assist with the diagnosis of incorrect behaviour.


List of LTE Transmission Modes supported by 7100:


TM1      SISO

TM2      MIMO, Transmit Diversity

TM3      MIMO, Spatial Multiplexing, Open Loop

TM4      MIMO, Spatial Multiplexing, Closed Loop

TM5      MU-MIMO - not supported

TM6      Spatial Multiplexing, Closed Loop but with single layer

TM7      Beamforming, Antenna Port 5

TM8      Dual Layer Beamforming, Antenna Ports 7 & 8



PXI 3000 Series


802.11ac Test Solution


802.11ac is an IEEE WLAN standard currently under development and is forecast to replace 802.11n as the most popular WLAN standard for new devices by 2014. It supports data rates of up to 6.93 Gbps and is ideal for high data rate applications such as home entertainment, video streaming and in-car connectivity.

In order to achieve high throughputs, 802.11ac extends the air interface to support wider bandwidth, higher modulation schemes and higher order MIMO. Three bandwidth variants are defined: a mandatory 80 MHz bandwidth; a non-contiguous 80+80 MHz option; and an optional 160 MHz bandwidth. 


Aeroflex offers a complete solution for 802.11ac RF parametric tests.   The 802.11ac 160 MHz test system use a new generation of PXI 3000 modules. Compared to existing PXI 3000 modules, they offer wider bandwidth, lower noise, faster switching speed and simpler programming interface. 

3005 Chassis

The new Aeroflex 3005 PXI Chassis provides one system slot and eighteen PXI/CompactPCI peripheral slots.  This rack-mountable chassis has many advanced features such as an innovative cooling mechanism, superior stability within an extended temperature range, intelligent chassis and remote management.


Visit our web site for full specifications on this product




S-Series RF Test Equipment


The S-Series world-wide promotion

Purchase the SGD Digital Signal Generator and/or the SVA Vector Signal Analyzer before 30th June 2013, and we will include all IQCreator® waveform options on the SGD and equivalent measurement options on the SVA free of charge.

This is a valuable offer for a product range which has set new standards for its speed, agility and bandwidth - not just the performance of its hardware but also the ease and speed in which the very latest complex modulation waveforms can be created, played and analyzed using the unique all-touch screen user-interface.


For more information contact us at info-test@aerofex.com



Offer expires close-of-business on 30th June 2013

No other discounts can be offered with this promotion






7100 Call Box Demo 

The 7100 RF Call Box Demo



The video shows how simple it is to set up a call on the Aeroflex 7100 and when using the call box mode users can run 3GPP 36.521 Section 6 and 7 RF Test Cases.


Aeroflex products at MWC 2013  


2013 MWC: Aeroflex booth tour - FDD to TDD handover plus carrier aggregation


Nick Carter provides RCR Wireless News with an update on products Aeroflex showcased at MWC 2013.




Show Guide




Las Vegas, NV

May 21 2013



Beijing May 28 2013

Taipei May 23 2013


PXI Show

Silverstone, UK 

June 5 2013


International Microwave Symposium


June 4 2013



Career Spotlight


Test Engineering Manager - RR 2726

Purpose of Role:


To lead the Test Engineering group to develop and maintain automated test systems for our product lines to meet Engineering, Manufacturing and Service requirements.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Management of the test engineering department of 8-10 people
  • Overall responsibility for the design of automated test systems for Engineering, Manufacturing and Service 
  • Work with the departments above to determine and generate requirements for these test systems
  • Responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the design of existing test systems 


Senior/Principal DSP Engineer - RR 2710

Purpose of Role:


Development of signal processing algorithms that are a key component of Aeroflex's Wireless Test and Measurement equipment that are used to analyze the latest wireless standards.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design, development and implementation of signal processing algorithms to analyze the latest wireless RF technologies, such as LTE and 802.11ac
  • Understand market and technical requirements
  • Ensure that measurements adhere to published wireless standards
  • Mentoring team members


PC Application Engineer - RR 2708

Purpose of Role:


To assist in the development of PC application software for the TM500 LTE/HSPA+ product ranges.


Duties & Responsibilities


Requirement capture, design, implementation and test of the PC applications providing control and logging and measurement capabilities for test mobile products.


To apply for any of the above roles or for more information email:



Find a full list of Aeroflex job vacancies here



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