Cologne, Germany—PMR Expo 2017— Cobham AvComm announced today TETRA base station test capabilities are available for the Cobham AvComm 8800SX and the 3550R Radio Test Sets. .

“Cobham is pleased to announce the TETRA Base Station testing option for both the 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set and the 3550R Touch-Screen Radio Test System,” said Lyndon Zielke, Sr Product Marketing Engineer. “With this option, the customer now has a cost-effective and portable way for performing all required TETRA base station field tests, including transmitter and receiver testing.”

The transmitter testing for TETRA base stations includes measuring the critical modulation parameters. This includes RMS EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), Peak EVM, Residual Carrier, Frequency Error, and Signal Power. In addition to these measurements, users may also graphically display the modulation with the Constellation Diagram. This display illustrates the accuracy of the modulation of the TETRA base station by showing the phase and magnitude at each of the “symbol points” of the demodulated signal. The symbol points are the critical points in the modulation that are decoded into the digital information.

Field-testing for TETRA receivers is also a feature of the TETRA Base Station Test. The TETRA Standard defines the method for generating the TETRA BS T1 test signal, and by use of this signal, the user can measure the sensitivity of the TETRA base station receiver.

Price and Availability
The TETRA Base Station Option for the 3550R is 3550OPT22 and for the 8800SX it is 88XXOPT162. This software option, like all options for the 8800SX and the 3550R, is field upgradeable and compatible with all versions of the 8800 Series and the 3550 Series. For more information about pricing, contact your local Cobham AvComm sales office by calling Cobham AvComm Sales at (800) 835-2352 or emailing .

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