BARCELONA, SPAIN, and STEVENAGE, UK—February 25, 2013— Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), announced today that the 7100 Digital Radio Test Set has added support for carrier aggregation, a key component of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A).

Carrier aggregation allows multiple carriers to be added together, allowing wider channel bandwidths—and higher data rates—to be achieved. The 7100 now supports all of the carrier aggregation scenarios specified in 3GPP Release 10, and is also ready for all those currently proposed for Release 11, as well as any other combination of two non-contiguous bands.

The ability to combine two non-contiguous carriers, each with up to 20 MHz bandwidth, enables a downlink data rate of 300 Mbps to be achieved using 2x2 MIMO and 64QAM, meeting the requirements of CAT 6. Aeroflex’s end-to-end carrier aggregation test capability is being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress using a 7100 Digital Radio Test Set in combination with the TM500 Test Mobile, which is emulating a real LTE-A mobile user equipment (UE).

LTE-A has provision for combining up to five component carriers (CC) of up to 20 MHz bandwidth, with the aim of raising the peak data rate to 1 Gbps and beyond. 3GPP Release 10 specifies 11 TDD bands, along with a range of scenarios for aggregating specific pairs of these bands in both contiguous and non-contiguous combinations. This technique combines the capacity of different frequency bands while maximizing the benefits of the superior propagation capability in the lower frequency band.

“The 7100 is the most cost-effective tester on the market today for LTE-A mobile devices, chips, and subsystems,” said Phil Medd, Product Manager at Aeroflex. “Manufacturers of user equipment will be able to upgrade their existing 7100 platforms to test LTE-A devices to 3GPP Release 10 without the need to invest in new test hardware.”

Combining two carriers with 2x2 MIMO enables CAT 6 data rate of 300 Mbps

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About Aeroflex LTE and LTE-A Expertise
Aeroflex’s LTE market-leading product line includes a complete range of end-to-end test systems that cover R&D, performance, service, and manufacturing test applications for LTE TDD and FDD network equipment and terminals.

The TM500 Test Mobile family is in use with almost every base station manufacturer across the world, and can be regarded as the de facto standard for eNodeB development and testing. E500 is the only network capacity test solution that incorporates the proven Aeroflex TM500 LTE air interface.

The Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set is a complete one-box test system providing all the tools required for the measurement and characterization of user equipment (UE) chip sets and mobile terminals to 3GPP LTE standards, including optional signal fading simulation.

The PXI 3000 Series, modular RF test system based on PXI technology is a proven solution to accelerate throughput in manufacturing and time to market in R&D while catering for current and future RF test needs. It is particularly suited to modern cellular and wireless data communications and critical testing in a high volume manufacturing environment.

Aeroflex has engineers working in centers around the world on its LTE and LTE-Advanced test systems, to support the current and next generation of networks and devices.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a leading global provider of high performance microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

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